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Atria Web-Training Series with Bill Bachrach

I am excited to announce a special Practice Management series we delivered in the month of May with master financial advisor trainer and coach, Bill Bachrach, available to you free of charge thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Following our “Hear From Your Peers” call, we wanted to help support your efforts to continue to evolve and build your business as we adjust to the new normal. You can access the replays of each training session below, along with other valuable resources designed to help you build your Ideal Business. 



– Brian Nelson, Atria Wealth Solutions, Head of Practice Management

“The battle for client acquisition doesn’t start when the pandemic is over. It’s already begun.” – Bill Bachrach

Right now is the perfect time to be loading your pipeline with future Ideal Clients.

Watch this 2-minute conversation with a real prospect / client that proves it.

Online Training (On-Demand): Recorded Thursday, May 7th
57 minutes + 28 minutes of Q & A

The best defense is a good offense. While many advisors are preoccupied with fear about the Coronavirus, distracted by the market decline and volatility, and worried about their own business and financial health, the smartest advisors are proactively, and substantially, increasing key success activities right now. 

When the COVID-19 situation is on the mend and the economy has turned up again you want to be ahead of the curve with maximum momentum. Watch the replay of this training presented on May 7th to learn specific actions you can take right now to build your business velocity.

“I used your template and called 8 people from my ‘cold file.’ One of them, who I had not spoken with for 18 months, wanted to talk about money. He has already hired me for financial planning with almost $1 million of investable assets.” – David R.

Online Training (On-Demand): Recorded Thursday, May 14th
60 minutes + 58 minutes of Q & A

Do you lack 10-level confidence at conducting online, virtual meetings?

You are an excellent financial professional. You’re trustworthy, competent, and skilled. But if you bungle the ‘new normal’ of conducting online, virtual meetings with clients and prospects, you could lose all of your credibility in a matter of seconds. Don’t be naive and assume that your clients and prospects will be forgiving ‘because this is new for you.’

Maybe people shouldn’t equate your ability to effectively run an online, virtual meeting with your expertise as a financial planner or wealth manager… but they do! In the same way that dogs smell fear, clients and prospects smell uncertainty.

Just in time for what could be the ‘new normal’ for many months to come, during this online training you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you capture and keep their attention?
  • How do you minimize distractions in THEIR environment?
  • How do you create the most professional look, sound, and feel without breaking the bank?
  • How do you get them physically and emotionally involved?
  • How can you shine as an online / virtual meeting master, whether you have any experience with this medium or not?

This is NOT the basics that you would learn from Zoom, WebEx, or a Go To Meeting tutorial to use the features of their systems. That’s table stakes (Don’t even think about Skype or FaceTime… those are for amateurs).

You are going to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to facilitate true, experiential, highly engaging online / virtual meetings with clients and prospects that move the needles on the key dials in the right direction. Like the needle on the “trust dial.”

Online Training (On-Demand): Recorded Wednesday, May 20th
60 minutes + 50 minutes of Q & A

At some point in the future, as the COVID-19 pandemic is receding and the world is returning to whatever the ‘new normal’ will be, you want to be in the best position possible to still achieve all of your goals. The battle doesn’t start when the pandemic is over. It’s already begun.

You will leave this online training with a template for setting, or re-setting, your professional and personal goals. As well as inspiration to take the appropriate action to achieve them, both to survive in the short-term and thrive in the medium and long-term.

You will feel more in control and have more confidence about your present and future.

Online Training (On-Demand): Recorded Thursday, May 28th
65 minutes + 55 minutes of Q & A

You are exactly who the world needs right now! Thank you for your courage and your leadership at such a crucial time in world history. Your clients need you, your prospects need you, your friends need you, and, of course, your family needs you.

At some point in the future, as the COVID-19 pandemic is receding and the world is returning to whatever the ‘new normal’ will be, you will be in the best new client acquisition position possible. The battle for client acquisition doesn’t start when the pandemic is over. It’s already begun.

The fundamentals of mastering client acquisition don’t really change any more than the fundamentals of money, or investing, or financial planning have changed under the current circumstances.

In addition to getting the most clear and concise definition of “client acquisition” you’ve ever heard, in less than an hour, you will discover the answers to 4 vital questions:

1. Who should be your target client and why?
2. Why is it easy to “steal” (rescue) the best clients from established advisors?
3. What’s the BIG mistake that most advisors make and what to do about it?
4. What are the keys to successful Client Acquisition, like where to find higher-net-worth prospects?

You’ll also see case studies, stories, and examples of what the best advisors do well and what most advisors are doing wrong.

In order to work fewer hours, acquire the RIGHT clients, and make more money, so you can improve your quality of life, review this online training.

Resources For Download

Client and Prospect Communication During The Coronavirus Pandemic (PDF)

Coronavirus Special Report – Mayo Clinic (PDF)

Easiest Call You’ll Ever Make (PDF)

Coronavirus Emergency Loans – Small Biz Guide(PDF)

Checklist to Help You Implement Effective Online, Virtual Meetings (PDF)

Create Your Ideal Life Vision, Define Your Ideal Business, Develop Your Ideal Client Profile (Free Training Course on AdvisorRoadmap)

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

The purpose of this free training course is to guide you through exercises which will result in you Creating Your Ideal Life Vision, Defining Your Ideal Business, and Developing Your Ideal Client Profile. Start the training course by creating a login here. Once in, navigate to the Training Center and download the Workbook and click on Chapter 1 to begin.