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At the moment the focus is naturally on our healthcare professionals and researchers who are working hard to save lives and ultimately beat this virus. But as we endure and emerge from this crisis, it becomes increasingly clear to me how important financial advisors are going to be in helping people recover from the financial impact.

In fact, I don’t think there has ever been a more important time to be a financial advisor in terms of the service the profession can deliver in the months and years to come. There is a huge difference between those who are fortunate to have a plan in place, an appropriate investment allocation and an advisor to keep them disciplined – and those who do not.

With that in mind, we are excited to introduce you to Bill Bachrach and his AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform to support you in 4 key areas: 1. Client Acquisition 2. Client Service 3. Leadership 4. Time & Priority Management.

For over 30 years, Bill Bachrach has been training and supporting financial advisors to build high-trust, high-value relationships with clients and prospects. Building off his years of experience, Bill and his team developed the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform making Bill’s expertise and the Values-Based Financial Planning philosophy more accessible.

AdvisorRoadmap has helped thousands of advisors build their Ideal Business so they can live their Ideal Life, which is why we partnered with Bill Bachrach to help every Geneos advisor do the same.

The Geneos Leadership team has negotiated a special investment rate for all Geneos advisors of 50% off. From all of us at the Geneos Leadership team, we highly recommend joining the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform and we look forward to seeing your personal and professional growth.


– Ryan Diachok, President, Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.

“The battle for client acquisition doesn’t start when the pandemic is over.
It’s already begun.” – Bill Bachrach


Right now is the perfect time to be loading your pipeline with future Ideal Clients. Watch this 2-minute conversation with a real prospect / client that proves it.


Watch a Trusted Advisor speak about this proven, repeatable, step-by-step process located within the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform.


Watch members of the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform speak about their results using this proven, repeatable, step-by-step process.

I added $50k in new recurring revenue in the first 33 days. I implemented, and it worked. Thank you for the new $50k in recurring revenue so far.

Armando R.

Before AdvisorRoadmap, I was earning $150k per year.
After only one year of implementing this process, I grew to $360k. Two years in, I’m over $500k. Thank you AdvisorRoadmap!

Ron D.

I’ve acquired 7 Ideal Clients who pay my minimum predictable annual fee of $24,000 and generated an additional $152,000 in recurring revenue from AUM.

Debbie P.

I’ve always had a hard time closing business. After joining the AdvisorRoadmap, I’m 3 for 3! The first 3 times I used your process I asked for a $5k up-front fee for planning – and got it!

Shannon H.

The AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform has given me all the scripts, processes,
and confidence necessary to acquire a $36k flat fee client.

Dave T.

Without a doubt, AdvisorRoadmap has been the best decision I have ever made. In just three weeks, I have already started to transform my practice to the Ideal Practice that I have always envisioned.

Josh F.

‘Sharpen Your Saw’ Starting Today!

Now, more than ever, it’s time to ‘sharpen the saw’ by improving your Client Acquisition, Client Service, Leadership, and Time / Priority Management skills. All of our proven, scripted, repeatable process are available 24 / 7 on your computer and mobile device.

AdvisorRoadmap is a self-guided, turn-key, virtual training platform that combines interactive training courses, videos, scripts, demonstrations, and many other high-value resources to help you master the communication skills and repeatable processes that are crucial to acquiring and serving Ideal Clients.

“Wow…I can’t believe you’re giving all this away! It’s really WAY too cheap, but I’m glad I got in before you figured that out and raised the price to what it’s actually worth.” – Charles T.

This investment in yourself is a fraction of the value of just one average client

AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training for Financial Advisors

Ideal Clients = Ideal Business = Ideal Life


“The return on the investment is exponential. I’ve been able to pick up Ideal Clients and I just trust the process…repeatable, systematic, and it works! You can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy the ticket!” – Chad C. (Member Since March 2017)

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