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At Nerd’s Eye View we love providing financial planning knowledge to help you better serve your clients and practice management ideas you can implement to get results! We take pride in going in-depth to challenge conventional wisdom and introduce our subscribers to new approaches. We are proud to be affiliated with Bill Bachrach to present the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform and his 3-Day Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop, often referred to as the ‘Dojo.’

Bill is always on the forefront of helping advisors attract and retain affluent clients, get hired quicker, and better serve their clients. His track record of mastery, passion, and forward thinking is exactly what we love to deliver to our subscribers. You will not only learn from Bill how to be a successful Financial Advisor in today’s environment, but you will develop the skills, People Skills, that will be THE most important factor to your success in this industry 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now. Don’t miss this special opportunity!


– Michael Kitces, Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group and CEO, Nerd’s Eye View

AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training for Financial Advisors

Elevate Client Value.  Grow Your Business.  Be a Fiduciary.

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Master Client Acquisition in the New World and Get Bigger, Better, Faster Results

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Bill Bachrach’s AdvisorRoadmapVirtual Training for Financial Advisors is a web-based, virtual training platform unlike anything in the industry.

You will experience a self-guided, online virtual training platform packed with interactive training courses, videos, scripts, demonstrations, and high-value resources to help you master the communication skills and repeatable processes that are crucial to acquiring and serving Ideal Clients.

Master the Skills That Are Crucial to Acquiring and Serving Ideal Clients

The AdvisorRoadmapVirtual Training provides engaging, full-motion, interactive courses that will emulate what actually happens in real life situations.

Imagine being able to learn a proven process and then being able to practice that process, much like our workshops, but at your own pace, on your own time, right from your office or home.

Proven, Repeatable Step-By-Step Processes

If you want to learn proven, repeatable processes to improve your skills at confidently acquiring high net-worth clients in any market and effectively manage yourself and your business, the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform is for you.

Start Learning & Implementing Immediately

This web-based training platform specializes in helping you learn and retain these skills, in a fun and engaging way, so you generate more revenue, grow your business and live a great life.

This is the start of a new era for Financial Advisor training and development.

Confidently acquire high net-worth clients in any market and effectively manage yourself and your business.

Here are just a few of the topics you can get instant access to:

  • How to articulate your client value promise and get hired in the first meeting.
  • How to transition existing clients from investment management relationships to full-service financial planning.
  • How to bring on new clients as full-service financial planning clients from the very beginning.
  • How to articulate to your existing clients and new clients why they should consolidate all of their business with you.
  • How to shift clients or prospective clients who are distracted by things that are out of their control (Stock market, investment performance, economic uncertainties, world chaos, politics, etc.) to focus on their ‘personal economy’ and achieving their financial goals.
  • How to articulate why clients and prospective clients should come to your office, with their spouse, and all of their financial documents (Presenting this in a way that makes it crystal clear to your clients how this is good for them).
  • How to master having engaging, meaningful conversations with anyone, anywhere so you become a client acquisition machine.
  • How to master the follow-up process with prospective clients so you schedule more Initial Client Interviews.

“Before I started working with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. I was charging $3k per client, now I am charging $45k per client. My current total revenue is $1,250,000 per year.

What enabled me to do this was the skills and confidence that I gained. Not only has my business improved but also my personal life and health. I can now truly focus on the things that are most important to me.”

– Sang K

As an AdvisorRoadmap Member, You Will Master These 4 Areas Of Your Business:

Client Acquisition

Client Service


Time & Priority Management

The focus of the training is on:

Doing financial planning,
– Doing better financial planning.
– Getting paid more for financial planning,
– Getting paid in advance for financial planning,
– Getting clients to implement 100% of the advice from financial planning, and
– That doing financial planning is vital to being a Fiduciary

As an AdvisorRoadmap™ Member, You’ll Also Receive:

  • Interactive Weekly lessons
  • Monthly webinars with Bill Bachrach
  • Scripts for exactly what to say
  • High-Value Article Vault
  • High-Content Video Vault
  • Keynote speech videos
  • Advisor FAQ database
  • Daily motivation and accountability
  • Community of like-minded financial advisors
  • Advisor Forums
  • Preferred pricing on live workshops
  • Preferred pricing on accountability coaching
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What AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform Members Have to Say…

After working with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. my annual recurring revenue per client is 40k, my business revenue is 650k and I take at least 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Neil B.

Since working with Bachrach & Associates I’ve acquired 7 Ideal Clients who pay my minimum predictable annual fee of $24,000 and generated an additional $152,000 in recurring revenue from AUM.

Debbie P.

The scripts are brilliant. So many times you’re talking to somebody or put in a situation where you’re just winging it. That’s not ideal for them and it’s not ideal for you.

Todd B.

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Become a member of AdvisorRoadmap™ Today!

Because you’re a follower of Michael Kitces, he has arranged this special pricing just for you!
20% off the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform and $100 off the Dojo Workshop

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<center><h2>What Is The Dojo and How Will It Improve My SKILL and Give Me Higher CONFIDENCE? </h2></center><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><center><iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/287686215" width="600" height="338" frameborder="5" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe></center>

The Dojo Workshop is the ultimate gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ members. You'll experience the guided practice required to develop the skills necessary to more rapidly acquire Ideal Clients.

Advisors who want to accelerate their results participate in our Dojo. Shorten your learning curve and get on the fast-track to master client acquisition and more quickly build your Ideal Business.

Click here to register for the Dojo along with AdvisorRoadmap and accelerate your results!

The Virtual Dojo Workshop

"Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune.
" - Jim Rohn

The 'Dojo', otherwise known as the the 3-Day Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop, is the ultimate gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ members and where you will experience the guided practice required to develop the skills necessary to more rapidly acquire Ideal Clients.

We’ve found that people who want to accelerate their results participate in this 3-Day Workshop. Shorten your learning curve and get on the fast-track to master client acquisition and build your Ideal Business.

THIS Workshop Is Measured By The Amount Of Skill And Confidence You Gain To Go Get More Ideal Clients!

Most conferences and so-called 'workshops' are measured by the number of speakers, the number of sessions, the volume of information, and the number of pages of notes taken.

What would have a bigger impact on your business revenue:
More information...or more SKILL and CONFIDENCE?

Check out the Detailed 'Dojo' Agenda Here.

Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying About The Dojo...

"I built my $1.5M fee-based business by implementing this powerful, repeatable process. I wish I had this process from my first day in the business."

Sybil P.

“I thought I would spend my whole career working with $500,000 accounts. Now I have a process, the skill, and the confidence to acquire clients worth millions, like the $12M Foundation client we recently added.”

Debbie P.

"The return on the investment is exponential. I've been able to pick up Ideal Clients and I just trust the system... repeatable, systematic, and it works! You can't win the lotto if you don't buy the ticket!"

Chad C.

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