FREE TRAINING - Watch the LIVE Keynote from the Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop in San Diego!
The Art of Building High-Trust Client Relationships
LIVE 1-Hour Training at 8am PDT on August 16th, 2017
Bill Bachrach
Founder, AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform
"Trust has been, and always will be, the single most important thing that has to happen for two people to do business together, especially when it comes to money." 
- Bill Bachrach
Join Bill Bachrach LIVE from the Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop in San Diego on August 16th and watch the opening Keynote presentation,
"The Art of Building High-Trust Client Relationships."  

What Will You Learn?
  •  How to create a strong emotional connection between you and your existing / prospective clients which will create the most important aspect of any relationship, TRUST.
  •  How to facilitate a meaningful experience that will get your existing and prospective clients discovering what’s truly important to them which will move the needle on their trust dial in the right direction.
  •  How to get a ‘Pre-Commitment’ from your prospective clients during an initial client interview by aligning your services and value with what’s most important to them.
  •  The #1 most common pitfall that most financial advisors do when meeting with prospective clients that shatters trust and puts you in the box, ‘…just like every other financial advisor we’ve met with.’
  •  Watch and learn the most effective process in the world for financial advisors to build trust quickly so you’re not only different than every other advisor, you’re better!
  •  Watch the world’s leading authority on the subject of trust for financial professionals, Bill Bachrach, demonstrate LIVE a simple, yet powerful Values Conversation that could exponentially grow your business.
LIVE Video Broadcast 
Begins On:
Wed, August 16th
8:00 AM PDT /
11:00 AM EDT
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"Before working with Luria, we had some LIVE viewers, but no real strategy behind our efforts. She helped us fine tune our LIVE video strategy, increase viewership and engagement, and we were able to SELL OUT our BCAP Apprenticeship Program during a single LIVE show!
Now, word of our LIVE show has spread rapidly and we're getting the attention of many high profile names! And more importantly, we're changing more people's lives and relationships than we could before with traditional methods! We LOVE our LIVE show and it's become the center point of our marketing strategy!"
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