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Mastering Client Acquisition

Elevate Client Value. Grow Your Business. Be a Fiduciary.

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<strong><div style="text-align: center; font-size: 30px; font-style: italic; color: #228b22;">Next Step - Join the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform <br/><br/>Enroll Before Timer Hits 0 & Receive The Super Bonuses! <br/><br/>Super Bonuses: $3,390 Value for <u>only $900</u>!</div></strong>

Wow…I can’t believe you’re giving all this away for $900! It’s really WAY too cheap, but I’m glad I got in before you figured that out and raised the price to what it’s actually worth.” – Charles T.

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Bonus #1:


50% off the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform Investment (Savings of $900)


Regular Investment = $1,800

Bonus #2:


The POWER SESSION with Bill Bachrach

($1,500 Value) – Free when you enroll today!

Recorded 90-minute online consultation, one-on-one, with Bill.

  • What’s important to you?
  • What are your goals, personally and professionally?
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be in 15 crucial success metrics?
  • What are your obstacles?
  • What are your biggest and best opportunities?
  • Ideas to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be so you make 2020 your best year ever!

*You get the recording of this meeting plus the documents used to facilitate this powerful coaching session.

Bonus #3:


Copy of the Values-Based Financial Planning Book

($30 Value) – Free when you enroll today!


Learn the fundamentals of Values-Based Financial Planning and how to more rapidly establish a high level of trust with your clients and prospects.

This book is designed to help you, and your clients, align your financial choices with the great life you want and become inspired to do whatever it takes to have that life. If you want to help your clients and prospects make smart choices about their money, based on what’s important to them, this book is for you.

*The package of Financial Road Maps and the book are shipped to you for free!

Warning – Only use if you want to be hired quicker and more often!

Bonus #4:

Package of 25 Financial Road Maps

($30 Value) – Free when you enroll today!


The #1 most proven Client Acquisition Tool, the Financial Road Map, is designed to help your clients explore their values, identify their goals, and gain a clear understanding of their financial health and future direction so you frequently hear, “Let’s get started now,” and rarely hear, “We need to think it over.” Every Ideal Client added by every Committed Advisor was acquired using the Financial Road Map®.

Bonus #5:


Excuses Don’t Count…Results Rule! Audio Book + e-Book

($30 Value) – Free when you enroll today!


Written by THE Accountability Coach™, Anne Bachrach. Through this book you will discover how to enhance your overall quality of life by having a proven framework and easily implementable system for achieving your goals in the time-frame you want it. You will learn how to hit your personal and professional goals with absolute certainty..

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<strong><div style="text-align: center; font-size: 30px; font-style: italic; color: #228b22;">Enroll Before Timer Hits 0 & Receive The Super Bonuses!</div></strong>
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