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The ‘Dojo’ Is The Ultimate Gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ Members Designed To Improve Your SKILL and CONFIDENCE!

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The Virtual Dojo Workshop

"Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune.
" - Jim Rohn

The 'Dojo', otherwise known as the the 3-Day Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop, is the ultimate gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ members and where you will experience the guided practice required to develop the skills necessary to more rapidly acquire Ideal Clients.

We’ve found that people who want to accelerate their results participate in this 3-Day Workshop. Shorten your learning curve and get on the fast-track to master client acquisition and build your Ideal Business.

THIS Workshop Is Measured By The Amount Of Skill And Confidence You Gain To Go Get More Ideal Clients!

Most conferences and so-called 'workshops' are measured by the number of speakers, the number of sessions, the volume of information, and the number of pages of notes taken.

What would have a bigger impact on your business revenue:
More information...or more SKILL and CONFIDENCE?

Check out the Detailed 'Dojo' Agenda Here.

“I used this process to acquire every single one of my clients: 185 clients, $225M of AUM, almost $2M of business revenue, and a 7-figure personal income.”

– Don. V. (Trusted Advisor since 2004)

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*You will need to be an active AdvisorRoadmap™ Member to attend the 2018 Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop

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Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying About The Dojo...

"I built my $1.5M fee-based business by implementing this powerful, repeatable process. I wish I had this process from my first day in the business."

Sybil P.

“I thought I would spend my whole career working with $500,000 accounts. Now I have a process, the skill, and the confidence to acquire clients worth millions, like the $12M Foundation client we recently added.”

Debbie P.

"The return on the investment is exponential. I've been able to pick up Ideal Clients and I just trust the system... repeatable, systematic, and it works! You can't win the lotto if you don't buy the ticket!"

Chad C.

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