AdvisorRoadmap Outcome Accelerators

You joined the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform to get quick results from implementing a proven, repeatable, scripted process.

Some advisors achieve these quick results just by following the training within AdvisorRoadmap™, while others need additional support.

The AdvisorRoadmap™ Outcome Accelerators offers you the opportunity to receive the additional support you need to get the results you desire.

The Outcome Accelerators below are derived from 35+ years of helping top financial advisors acquire more IDEAL Clients and build their IDEAL Businesses.

All are proven to work and accelerate your results!

Client Acquisition Mastery Dojo Workshop

The Client Acquisition Mastery Dojo Workshop is the ultimate gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ members designed to improve your skill and confidence at acquiring Ideal Clients!

A Guided Practice Environment with like-minded, motivated financial professionals engaged in interactive, experiential learning to accelerate results quickly.

We host the 3-Day Dojo Workshop once a year and these 3 days are always transformational. It's a mix of veteran AdvisorRoadmap™ making their annual pilgrimage to the Dojo for practice and Dojo first-timers getting their first look at just how life-changing the Dojo experience is.

One thing is for certain, you have never been to or experienced a workshop quite like the Dojo Workshop and if you are serious about acquiring more Ideal Clients and building your Ideal Business, get yourself registered for the next Dojo Workshop.

Dates: March 19th - 21st, 2025

Location: San Diego CA or Virtual (Zoom)

Learn more about the 2025 Dojo Workshop Here!

What Advisors Say About The Dojo Workshop

"I've already had a couple of prospective clients this week... my flow is 10x better from start to finish so that right off the bat increased annual revenue by $50k after the Dojo Workshop."

- Armando R.

"I realized how much of a change I needed to make in my mindset. The Dojo Workshop was definitely an a-ha experience for me!"

- Sonya W.

"Right after my first day I went back and listened to my own recordings and saw changes I can make to be even better when I'm talking to clients!"

- Riz A.

"Practicing the scripts, using the script binder, having others in breakout sessions raise questions that are typical in any Road Map situation... there were little gems streaming in from all directions!"

- James H.

AdvisorRoadmap™ Accountability Group

The primary purpose of the AdvisorRoadmap Accountability Group is simple.. help you generate more MONEY!

The Accountability Group is designed to help you increase the specific high pay-off activities that have the most direct impact on acquiring Ideal Clients & Profitable Non-Ideal Clients
(If you still need them).

Every group is led by the world’s leading authority on accountability, Anne Bachrach. For 20+ years she has helped top Financial Advisors, business owners, tech entrepreneurs, and other high achievers set big goals and achieve them. She has been the personal Accountability Coach to many advisors who have built and are building their Ideal Businesses and living their Ideal Lives.

Investment: $3,000

Learn more about the Accountability Group Here


“The success principles I’ve learned by being a part of this Accountability Group has had a big impact on my business. The time management concepts, procrastination, limiting beliefs, and ideas to help my team be even more effective and efficient are easy to implement and helps us to make continual progress.

Client Acquisition Resources

Financial Road Map® by Bill Bachrach
The #1 most proven Client Acquisition Tool!

“The foundation of every one of our 125 client relationships is the Financial Road Map®. It was central to the building of our $1.3M recurring revenue financial planning business.”


Values-Based Financial Planning™ Book
Used by successful financial advisors all over the world to attract & acquire Ideal Clients.

“I used the Values-Based Financial Planning process to acquire every single one of my clients: 185 clients, $225M of AUM, almost $2M of business revenue, and a 7-figure personal income.”
— DOV V.


Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletters
Help your clients understand just how much value you provide!


“The comments we get about the Quality of Life newsletter from our clients is very positive. One comment we get the most is, “It’s the one thing I read every month.” This is one reason why we have been sending out this non-financial newsletter for at least 11 years.”


1-on-1 Coaching w/ Bill Bachrach

Vision. Strategy. Action Plan.

The Business Accelerator Consultation consists of two (2) 1-Hour Recorded Online Meetings with Bill Bachrach to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the shortest time frame possible.

Business Accelerator Meeting #1 Objectives:
A thorough assessment of your life and your business.

  • What’s important to you?
  • What are your goals, personally and professionally?
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be in 15 crucial success metrics?
  • What are your obstacles?
  • What are your biggest and best opportunities?

Business Accelerator Meeting #2 Objectives:
Powerful Strategy Session & Action Plan

  • Strategy session to build the game plan that bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be so you achieve your goals for the reasons that are important to you.
  • You’ll walk away with a clear Action Plan and the inspiration to implement so you get BIG RESULTS FAST!

Investment: $2,000

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Pros Watch Film

Just like pros watch film, evaluate, and get coaching, you should be doing the same. And the perfect place to start is with one of your Financial Road Map® Interviews.

The Financial Road Map® Interview is when all of your hard work finally pays off... or not.

This is when you establish trust… or not.

This is when clients and prospects discover they need your help to achieve their most important goals and fulfill their most deeply held values… or not.

This is when you inspire existing clients and prospects to hire you… or not.

This is when you brilliantly articulate your offer and flawlessly answer their questions… or not.

This is when you either hear, “Let’s get started,” or, “We want to think it over.”

This powerful Process Accelerator will have a dramatic impact on how well you execute the Financial Road Map® and have you hearing, "Yes, let's get started," more often.

Investment: $2,000


“Thank you for bravely, effectively and kindly exposing my blind spots. I now understand why I am not where I wish to be with full clarity and even better, know exactly what I need to stop doing. Best coaching I have ever received and I have had some great coaching along the way."

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