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Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter

Send the Right Kind of Message to Your Clients and Prospects!

Stop Sending Financial Porn to Your Clients & Prospects!

What kind of message does it communicate when you send your clients and prospective clients financial information? Are you really trying to educate them on financial things that you should be doing for them? Do you want your best clients and prospects to spend their valuable time learning about things that you should be handling for them?

Isn’t that your job? Isn’t that what you get paid to do for people?

Your clients should be enjoying the kind of life they want because ‘you’ve got their back’ and are handling their financial interests so they don’t have to. That is the message they want to hear and to feel confident that they have a relationship with the ‘right’ Advisor who cares about them achieving their goals.

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Great News! You now have access to a Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter that shows you care about your clients and prospective clients having a great life.

Client of Dean Kendall:

“I am really enjoying the newsletters, they are excellent! Your newsletters are great quality and I’ve been passing them along, as long as they give them back to me. They’re all about physical health, relationship health, inner health and career health. Just fantastic! To me I think this is great information that people can actually use.”

People who receive this newsletter understand the value you provide to them because you are making sure their financial house is in order.

Isn’t that the kind of message you want to send?

“I’m helping you to have a great quality of life so you don’t have to spend your valuable time learning about financial things because that is what we do for you.”

We have heard time and time again from Advisors who use this newsletter that their clients really love reading it and let them know how much they value the monthly articles. Advisors also say the reason why they invest in the newsletter to send to their clients and prospects is that they haven’t seen anything like it in the industry.

Use the monthly high-value Values-Based Quality of Life™ newsletter to keep in contact with clients and prospects. There is nothing about financial health in the newsletter (because you take care of that for them) — it is all about things in life people can’t delegate (physical health, inner health, mental health, career health, and relationship health).


Below lists the quantity of custom newsletters you would receive each month for 12 months. You can choose to pay the Annual Investment up front which includes all customization fees, shipping fees, taxes etc.
In short, the price you see is the price you will be charged!


Or, you may choose to do a monthly payment option with first and last month due up front – Please note it is an annual commitment.


If you have any questions prior to ordering,
please contact us at: operations@billbachrach.com


After your order is placed, you will be contacted by our customization expert to assist you in fully customizing your newsletter!

Worried About Compliance? Don’t Be! Download our Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter White Paper Below!

Jack Wenaus:

“I’ve been using these newsletters since day one as a financial advisor and have never missed a month! I get the most positive comments from my clients about these newsletters. My clients continually say they love receiving them and I even get calls about certain articles in the newsletter. My clients love the fact they aren’t business oriented and it truly helps them be a better person.”

Daryl Milleker:

“My clients love the Values-Based Quality of Life newsletters. One client told me that he took his son out for lunch to specifically discuss an article in one of the issues and how it can impact his life. I continually get comments from my clients about how much they enjoy getting the newsletters. Every month my face is in front of them and it has helped me get even more referrals because of this.”

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