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Personal Coaching of Your Financial Road Map® Recording by Bill Bachrach

Watch This First!

The Premise: Pros Watch Film.

Do you agree with that? If so, read on.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road.

“The face-to-face client interview is to your success what the golf swing is to the professional golfer, what the tennis swing is to the professional tennis player, and what choreography is to the professional dancer. The rubber really meets the road for you during the prospect or client interview. This is when your prospecting and marketing efforts pay off… or not. This is when you establish trust… or not. This is when clients and prospects discover they need your help to achieve their most important goals and fulfill their most deeply held values… or not. This is when you inspire existing clients and prospects to hire you… or not. The is when you brilliantly articulate your offer and flawlessly answer their questions… or not. This is when you either hear, “let’s get started,” or, “we want to think it over.” Just like pros watch film and get coaching, you should be the doing the same. And the perfect place to start is with one of your Financial Road Map® Interviews. Are you still with me? If so, read on.

One of the main habits every Committed Advisor develops is to record their Financial Road Map® Interviews. And one of the reasons they pay us $5,000 / month is to get personal coaching of some of those recordings. And one of the main reasons they consistently add Ideal Clients who pay $36,000 – $100,000 per year to be their clients is because of how their Financial Road Map® skills and confidence improve from the coaching of their recordings. Virtually 100% of their Ideal Clients are acquired with the Financial Road Map®!

If comfort is your goal, success is not in your future. It won’t be comfortable to have me coach your Financial Road Map® Interview, but it will be enormously valuable and dramatically accelerate your results. Comfort or success? Choose one, because you can’t have both.


Still not convinced? Watch this video.

Thank you for bravely, effectively and kindly exposing my blind spots. I now understand why I am not where I wish to be with full clarity and even better, know exactly what I need to stop doing. Best coaching I have ever received and I have had some great coaching along the way.” – Peggy M.

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