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Discover How to Refine Your Listening Skills with Clients

It’s All About Them: How Trusted Advisors Listen for Success

Book by Bill Bachrach and Steve Shapiro

Co-authored by Bill Bachrach and Steve Shapiro, It’s All About Them provides an exceptional overview of how to refine your listening skills. As Bill Bachrach says, “It’s not about you telling your story. It’s about them telling theirs.”

Many financial professionals spend so much time describing their credentials, the history of their company, and the products they offer that they never learn what’s important to their clients… when none of that matters.

The only thing that matters is whether the plan you develop helps your clients achieve their goals for the reasons that are important to them. It’s All About Them concentrates on the most critical skill you can learn … how to listen to your clients. If you find that you talk more than you listen … or that you don’t know how to create an environment for your Clients within which the truth can be spoken, heard and believed, then this book is for you.

$9 / book