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AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training

for Financial Advisors

Washington D.C. National Conference Special

Elevate Client Value. Grow Your Business. Be a Fiduciary.

Wow…I can’t believe you’re giving all this away for $900! It’s really WAY too cheap, but I’m glad I got in before you figured that out and raised the price to what it’s actually worth.” – Charles T.

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$2,460 Value for only $900!


1. The POWER SESSION with Bill Bachrach

Recorded 75 – 90 minute online consultation, personally, one-on-one, with Bill.

  • What’s important to you?
  • What are your goals, personally and professionally?
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be in 15 crucial success metrics?
  • What are your obstacles?
  • What are your biggest and best opportunities?
  • Ideas to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be so you finish 2019 strong!

*You get the recording of this meeting plus the documents used to facilitate this powerful coaching session.

In addition for Joining the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform on August 23rd by 5pm, you’ll also receive:

2. 25 Financial Road Maps shipped to your door to kick-start your results ($30 value)
3. Copy of the Values-Based Financial Planning Book ($30 value)

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