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AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform Memberships FAQ

3 days is a lot of time! Do I really need to attend all 3 days of the ‘Dojo’?

  • The time will fly by! This is not a lecture where you take notes for 3 days. This is 3 days of practice to build real skill and confidence to be able to talk to anybody, anytime, anywhere about becoming a full-service financial planning client, hopefully your next Ideal Client.
  • At the ‘Dojo’ you will practice, practice, and practice some more.
  • This is REAL skill-building.
  • While you are practicing Bill and his team will circulate throughout the room to offer on-the-spot coaching, where needed, to keep you on track and help you grow. After each practice session Bill will offer coaching tips to the entire group based on what he and his team learned from watching and listening to you practice. That will be followed by an open Q&A session. You will do this 15 times in 3 days.
  • Follow-up action plan. Unlike most conferences where you leave with a binder of ideas that often don’t get implemented, you’ll leave with a step-by-step plan of action of exactly what to do and how to do it. When you get home you hit the ground running and produce results fast.
  • The 3 days goes fast!
  • There’s a good chance you will be so impressed with your progress that you will come back multiple times to continue to build more and more skill and confidence.

What exactly will I be practicing in the ‘Dojo’?

  • How to engage strangers in conversations that naturally and easily lead to them accepting your offer to take whatever your next step is to them possibly becoming clients. This will enhance whatever marketing and prospecting systems you use to acquire new clients: business networking events, client events, fund-raisers, referrals, etc. NOT cold-calling. Most every person you do business with started as someone you didn’t know… a stranger. You will gain the confidence to talk to anyone, any time, and anywhere.
  • How to schedule appointments where both spouses understand the benefit of coming to your office with all of their financial documents and agree to do so. Trusted Advisors don’t make house calls.
  • How to invite your existing clients, both spouses, who might not yet be full-service planning clients to come to your office to have the bigger discussion that shifts them from where they are now to truly full-service financial planning clients.
  • How to conduct a smooth (not slick) client interview without over-explaining financial concepts and boring either spouse with too much financial education. Remember, the confused mind says no. Your job is to inspire them, not confuse or overwhelm them with details.
  • How to conduct meaningful, emotionally compelling conversations with both spouses that gets to the heart of what matters most to them… in life… way beyond their money and their tangible goals. This is how the most trusted advisors become the most trusted advisor.
  • How to have powerful conversations about their futures and their goals. The kind of discussions that motivate people to action.
  • How to summarize their entire financial life in a few minutes.
  • How to elegantly and articulately put your full-service financial planning offer on the table. Short. Sweet. Compelling.
  • How to easily and confidently quote your fee and answer their questions about the reasonable investment required for you to be their totally trusted advisor. Nothing turns a person off more than a so-called professional who is wishy-washy when quoting their fee or tap-dancing when answering simple questions about what it costs and what they get. You might have “had them hello,” but you can still lose them here.
  • How to easily and confidently answer questions about your process, what they get as clients, and the next steps.
  • How to conduct an effective implementation meeting where you provide quality advice that’s acted on immediately. Notice, it’s called an “implementation meeting,” not a “plan presentation meeting.” Your clients don’t want a PhD in financial planning, investing, insurance, or estate planning. If they did, they would enroll themselves in the CFP program. The goal is to give good advice, not build a monument to your ego by showing off how smart you are. Is the process about them or about you? How do you know when to shut up?
  • Everything you will learn from Bill in this Workshop interfaces seamlessly with financial planning software such as to help you get better results for and from your existing clients and more rapidly convert prospects to clients.
  • For everything that you’ll practice at the Workshop, you’ll get immediate access to the training materials…. the moment you register.

The Memberships seems expensive?

  • One good client will easily recover your investment. One planning fee or one account with a decent amount of assets or one average size insurance policy or annuity or one referral. This is NOT an expense like a piece of office furniture. This is an investment in your most important asset: YOU. It will generate a return. It’s tax-deductible.
  • This is world-class training created and facilitated by one of the world’s leading authorities for teaching Financial Advisors to succeed at the highest levels. Training this good by leading authorities simply isn’t cheap. Books, podcasts, company conferences, industry events, product-manufacturer white papers, webinars, etc. will only take you so far. For many Financial Advisors these things actually take them nowhere. Financial Advisors committed to high levels of success regularly make investments of this amount, and more, in themselves and their business. (The tuition for Bill’s highest level training and coaching program, for example, is $5,000 / month with a 4-year contractual commitment. That’s $240,000.)
  • A price barrier is a good thing, as long as you’re on the right side of it, because you don’t want content and training this good to be easily accessible to everyone. That’s how you get a competitive advantage. Let the masses bottom feed on the freebies while you and a small % of committed advisors continue to make real investments in yourselves to bring more value to your clients and grow your businesses.
  • No sponsors. No exhibit hall. No distractions.

Will this work for all demographics?

  • Yes. The skills required to succeed are the same regardless of your demographic target.
  • We work with many advisors who charge planning and advice fees in the tens of thousands of dollars per year, as well as advisors who charge less or are compensated by AUM or commissions or any combination of planning fees, AUM %, and commissions.
  • You may continue to use what you learn in the market in which you currently work, however our Memberships will provide you the skills and confidences to move up-market. Would you like to work with people who have more money and pay you more to be their financial planner?

Will this work at my RIA, wirehouse, bank, b/d, insurance company?

  • Yes. The common theme is that these are the skills necessary to acquire, serve, and retain clients… especially those clients for whom you want to deliver full financial planning for. If you work with people, these are the skills you need. You do work with people, right?

Will I earn CE Credits at the ‘Dojo’?


  • 16.5 CE Credits for CFPs (U.S.)
  • 21.20 CPD Hours (U.K.)
  • 27.75 CPD Points (Australia)
  • 18 CE Points (Canada)

Money-back guarantee?

  • No.
  • A 30-year track record of training good Financial Advisors to be great and great Financial Advisors to be even better has clearly proven that what you will learn works. The success stories are not BS. This is the real deal. The responsibility is right where it should be: on YOU… to implement. If you doubt your own commitment to implement to at least get your investment, expenses, and a reasonable ROI back, you should not register.
  • There are no tire-kickers in the program. Everyone is committed. Isn’t that the kind of environment you want to be in? The last thing you want at a program like this is to be paired with an uncommitted practice or accountability partner who wouldn’t be here without a money-back guarantee.