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Build a Financial Strategy, Starting with Your Own Unique Values

Values-Based Financial Planning: The Art of
Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy

Book by Bill Bachrach

In the grand scheme of things, money’s not that important. It’s important only to the extent that it allows you to enjoy what’s important to you. And not worrying about your finances is critical to having a life that excites you, nurtures those you love and fulfills your highest aspirations. If you want to make smart choices about money, based on what is important to you—your core values—“Values-Based Financial Planning: The Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy” is for you.

This informative and well-written book will help you build a financial strategy, starting with your own unique values—what is truly important to you. By defining these unique values, you can create a plan that not only looks good on paper, but spurs you to follow through and achieve your goals.

“Values-Based Financial Planning: The Art of Creating and Inspiring Financial Strategy” will help you realize what’s important to you, align your financial choices with the great life you want, and become inspired to do whatever it takes to have that life.

$30 / book (For bulk order of 10+ books, call (619)255-4888 for special bulk order pricing)