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How To Monetize Your Investment in AdvisorRoadmap

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Discover Your AdvisorRoadmap™ Member Benefits & Maximize Your Results!

The Member Benefits below are derived from our 30+ years of training advisors in our higher-level trainng program. All are proven to work and accelerate your results...IF you do the work! They consist of practicing, being held accountable, and recieving direct 1-1 coaching.

2019 Client Acquisiton Mastery Dojo Workshop


The Dojo is the Ultimate Gathering of AdvisorRoadmap™ Members Designed to Improve Your SKILL and CONFIDENCE!

Dates: August 14 – 16, 2019

Location: San Diego, CA

Success Story from Gabriella B.

“I think it’s really crucial to come here and practice, being immersed in the whole feeling here, the energy is high you feel like your ready to go back home and implement all the things you just learned and there’s really nothing else that can capture that experience. You just have to come here and feel it for yourself.”

Success Story from Daries N.

“I started with the older version about 7-8 years ago, I’ve been a member of the Virtual Training program for about 2 years, it’s different implementing from the book then being here in real life. It definitely is, it’s one thing to have knowledge and another thing to practice skill, so being here makes a big difference.”

Personal Coaching of Your Financial Road Map® Recording by Bill Bachrach


The face-to-face client interview is to your success what the golf swing is to the professional golfer, what the tennis swing is to the professional tennis player, and what choreography is to the professional dancer.

Just like pros watch film and get coaching, you should be the doing the same. And the perfect place to start is with one of your Financial Road Map® Interviews. Are you still with me? If so, click here.

Success Story from Peggy M.

“Thank you for bravely, effectively and kindly exposing my blind spots. I now understand why I am not where I wish to be with full clarity and even better, know exactly what I need to stop doing. Best coaching I have ever received and I have had some great coaching along the way.”

Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletters


What kind of message does it communicate when you send your clients and prospective clients financial information? Do you want your best clients and prospects to spend their valuable time learning about things that you should be handling for them?

Isn’t that your job? Isn’t that what you get paid to do for people?

Your clients should be enjoying the kind of life they want because ‘you’ve got their back’ and are handling their financial interests so they don’t have to. That is the message they want to hear and to feel confident that they have a relationship with the ‘right’ Advisor who cares about them achieving their goals.

You now have access to the Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter that shows you care about your clients and prospective clients having a great life.

People who receive this Newsletter understand the value you provide to them because you are making sure their financial house is in order.

What Louise B. Says About the Newsletters:

“Each month the Quality of Life newsletter is going out to our clients and prospects with a note I personally sign. This past month, two prospects sent an email within 2 days of the time it was sent. The first included a photo of her husband’s “happy place”. The second was a comment on a specific article. It’s fun to see that our clients and prospects are reading and enjoying the newsletter, as I do.”

What Greg C. Says About the Newsletters

“The comments we get about the Quality of Life newsletter from our clients is very positive. One comment we get the most is, “It’s the one thing I read every month.” This is one reason why we have been sending out this non-financial newsletter for at least 11 years.”

Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™


The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™ is for Financial Advisors who want to understand exactly what to do to serve Ideal Clients, in the way they want to be served, by delivering an extraordinary client experience unavailable anywhere else.

Advisor PACT™ is an acronym which represents what our data reveals are The Four Client Expectations™
which successful affluent potential clients claim they cannot currently find in financial advisors
anywhere at any price or at any fee-level.

This program is brought to you by Values-Based Financial Planner veteran and creator of The Trusted Advisor Toolkit, Mark Little. Mark’s expertise is creating systematic, repeatable processes for delivering an extraordinary experience to clients. His tools will support you in elevating the value you deliver to your clients. Advisor P.A.C.T. in conjunction with AdvisorRoadmap™ will lead to you acquiring more Ideal Clients and servicing them at the highest level possible.

*Use promo code Roadmap to receive 50% Advisor P.A.C.T. pricing.

Accountability Group Membership


Imagine what your life would be like if you had the habit of easily and consistently saying no to low payoff activities, and easily and consistently saying yes to the high-payoff activities?

Success Story from Greg P.

“The success principles I’ve learned by being a part of this Accountability Group have had a big impact on my business already. The time management concepts, procrastination, limiting beliefs, and ideas to help my team be even more effective and efficient are easy to implement and helps us to make continual progress to where we want to be. In addition, her on-line tracking metrics and having a group of peers holding each other accountable is extremely valuable. I strongly recommend you consider being part of an accountability group so you can accelerate your results.” 

Business Accelerator Consultation


Two 1-Hour Recorded Online Meetings with Bill Bachrach To Get On The Fast-Track!

What are your blind spots? Can you think of any? Whether you can come up with some or not, the result of having an expert closely assess your business and give you a crystal clear plan of action to focus on your high pay-off activities can be exponential.

Success Story from Lou L.

“This year, I’ve experienced over 50% growth – and with that growth came some confidence to finally go after what I know I should have done – we’ve added a flat-fee-only option to our offerings, and that’s ALL I’ll be targeting next year and beyond. With that under our belts, I can foresee another 50% growth year for each of the next 2 years!

Financial Road Maps


The Financial Road Map® helps you attract & acquire more Ideal Clients, elevate existing clients to Ideal Clients, and become enormously financially successful.

Click here to learn more about how the Financial Road Map® is the ultimate “relationship-shifter” and take advantage of our exclusive AdvisorRoadmap™ Member Special Offer when you order Financial Road Maps today!

Success Story from Michael N.

“The foundation of every one of our 125 client relationships is the Financial Road Map®. It was central to the building of our $1.3M recurring revenue financial planning business.”

Values-Based Financial Planning books


As an AdvisorRoadmap™ Member learning and implementing the Values-Based Financial Planning process, the Values-Based Financial Planning book is key to help you create distinction and build trust with prospective clients. This book is best utilized as the free, simple, and relevant gift offered to prospects between the initial conversation (Critical Conversation #1) and the follow-up phone call (Critical Conversation #2).

This book will help your prospects put things in to perspective and help them understand that not worrying about their finances is critical to having a life that excites them. If your prospects want to make smart choices about their money, based on what is important to them, this is the gift for them.

Success Story from Dov V.

“I used the Values-Based Financial Planning process to acquire every single one of my clients: 185 clients, $225M of AUM, almost $2M of business revenue, and a 7-figure personal income.”

*For bulk book orders (10+) call us at (619) 255-4888 or email support@billbachrach.com for special pricing.

Have a question about an AdvisorRoadmap™ Member Benefit? Just Ask!